Geology and Mineralization


The McKay Hill project is located within slope-to-basin strata of the Selwyn Basin. McKay Hill sits within the Dawson Thrust sheet, which is bound by the Dawson Thrust to the northeast and the Tombstone Thrust to the southwest. The mineralization consists of massive Ag-Pb-Zn (+/- Au and Cu) associated with banded quartz veins cutting clastic metasedimentary rocks and greenstones.

McKay Hill is underlain by black slates, banded red and green slates, quartzite, conglomerate, limestone and scattered mafic volcanic rocks.They are intruded by Triassic or older greenstone sills. The strata trend east-west with variable dips (generally flat to moderate) to the north. Mineralization consists of northeast to easterly trending quartz veins with galena, freibergite and sphalerite, primarily hosted by and at the margins of greenstone.

The McKay Hill Project is an historic high-grade producer that shows potential to host a significant district scale vein system similar to Keno Hill, with at least 16 identified vein structures that have seen very limited modern exploration.

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